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Get your flashy Latrell Sprewell spinning rims online

What was that flash that caught your eye? Was it from a set of Latrell Sprewell rims? If you are looking for a final touch on your auto have you check out the rad spinning chrome rims like the Sprewell rims?

What are so special about Latrell Sprewell rims or any spinning chrome rims for that matter? Spinner rims are generally of a larger diameter. They are highly polished wheels or rims, which have a disc or spinner mounted on bearings. When you drive the spinners generally go slower than your tires and sometimes stop spinning. When you come to a stop your spinning chrome rims continue to turn, which gives a very cool visual effect, and makes heads turn.

You may find spinner rims on the Internet in sizes 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches and 24 inches.

A true Latrell rim is manufactured by Sprewell Racing, established in 1998, and is now one of the largest high performance tire and wheel shops anywhere. It is owned by Latrell Sprewell, a top guard from the NBA. Sprewell (often mis-spelled Spreewell) are now used as generic terms for any rim that has a spinning disc.

The Internet is an awesome source of information and new and used spinning rims. Check out the discount warehouses, ebay.com, supply wholesalers and more.

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